jennifer jeanne photography

jennifer jeanne photography

greetings! i’m jennifer jeanne, a photographer living by the sea with a salty man, a feisty wee one, and a wet dog. something else you should know about me…i’m a storyteller. after a lifetime spent as a writer, storytelling is simply in my nature, and it doesn’t end with the pen (or pencil). i’ve found that my cameras tell mighty fine stories. frankly, i am a bit obsessed with photography, and feel overjoyed and honored each time a potential client contacts me about capturing a special time in life. i believe in natural lighting and organic posing. i strive to capture the essence of this very moment rather than control the situation with poses and props. i’m often a quiet observer. i love to photograph babies, families, food, nature, animals…the life that surrounds.

for portrait sessions, we meet on location, either outdoors or in your home, and we take our time, careful never to rush through this precious time together. my hope is to capture keepsake images that will serve as timeless memories for you and your family. life passes in a flash, and no matter how much we hope to hold all moments vividly in mind, sometimes they simply fade. photographs have a lovely way of reviving the very moments they hold dear. they have the power to carry us back in time.

have a look around and be in touch with any questions. cheers!



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