Picture this: red currants

Each New England season has its perks, but summer affords us the opportunity to savor fresh ingredients that never taste as rich as they do when properly in season.

This sauce simmers away while you spend the day doing as you do without thought of how it’s faring.

A vinegar that pays homage to the start of spring.

I fell for the simplicity and ease of this recipe. A quick prep and slow bake, reward with utterly creamy, aromatic and rich beans.

If you are new to cooking scallops, this stew is a great starter recipe. Just toss everything together, wait for a bit, and dive right in with some crusty warm bread.

A simple soup for a comfy day at home.

This turkey chili recipe comes together quickly with limited ingredients and minimal effort.

This turkey stock is crafted from the pared-down pantry we have on hand during these homebound weeks. We bought a turkey, knowing the meat would serve us well for a few meals. Of course, stock would follow.

I am excited to be blogging again, as that’s how my photography career got its start.